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ive given up hope of them ever fixing the skillcape clipping but my skiller is looking cute today

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*avoids catching guthix butterflies because i dont want to look silly in public*

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Colour Palettes; Sixth Age

Sixth age events from Winter/Spring 2014
Maybe I will make ones from 2013 later 

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i had a reallly good day at work but the universe decided to balance that out by having the morning bus not turn up at all and then i lost my £26 ticket

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my acc used to be a 45 def pure but i never actually pked or duelled anyone i would just ge stand and skill in full zerker gear

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this is a runescape blog oops

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srs solitaire is addicting as fuck, all for the cards to go shhnhnhnhnhnh at the end

my win rate is 49% ive spent 15 hours losing

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  1. im eating grapes
  2. i feel kinda sick but im determined to finish the bowl because i dont back down and will not be beaten by glorified raisins
  3. i have a birthmark scar thingy on my neck
  4. once i stayed up all night to read fallout: new vegas fanfic and tbh life can only go uphill from that point
  5. ive played like 30 hours of solitaire on my phone i wish i was joking
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ok im p sure my asks are broken again because i just sent myself an ask and a fan mail and got neither so if i was talking to u tonight and i suddenly didnt reply im not ignoring u  ;(

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oh god

tl;dr i tag everyone who sent me one of these

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