I like bad puns and video games

pic by zamorakhalo
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runescape tumblr marketing plan

  1. steal picture that appeared on the tag months ago
  2. add memes
  3. remind players that this is not a dating site
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i need a new goal im not motivated to play rs so do i get

  • 99 in something (fletching or div or herb or err agil)
  • 95 in everything
  • 40m fishing xp 
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  • To level ranging from 1 to 99 on just Gnome Ball, you would have to win 250,663 games which means scoring 1,253,315 goals.
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110 fishing B)

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auspah sent:

kharshai's tiara is online

and ready to party

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dani tagged me in a selfie thing so here are 6 pictures of me 5 pictures of me because whenever i post 6 it deletes one

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Doin’ a trade with avafruit

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I hate my job

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Anonymous sent:

Fuck guthix

u wanna do what

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road 2 110 fishing

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