All I care about is fishing xp

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the world guardian: a birds nest just fell out of this tree
the world guardian: im going to loot it and smash it up
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when u go to change ur username and second guess the spelling so much it doesnt look like a real word at all

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auspah sent:

Favorite NPC?

enakhra or zanik

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auspah sent:

Azzanadra is hot but he is also cray

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Auspah’s 100 follower Art Giveaway!

Since I just hit a milestone or whatever follower-wise I figured I better do one of these!

How to enter:

  • 1 like counts as 1 entry. 
  • 1 reblog counts as 1 entry.

You can reblog this as many times as you want.


  • A full colored drawing of a Runescape NPC of your choice OR your RS character.

There will be three winners. The giveaway ends on 8/30/2014, when I will announce the winners and contact them. Please have your askbox open!


  • No blank blogs. Wtf. 
  • You do not need to be following me to win.
  • Your ask box needs to be open.
  • No fucking gnome child I will not draw that as your prize lmfao
  • You need to be a semi-runescape related blog like I don’t want random ppl reblogging this, winning and asking for art of like, Digimon or something.

If you’d like to view more of my Runescape art you can here!

Good luck!

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i have been in this cave for 20 years. living off the moths. i have begun to think i am a moth myself

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i spent today redecorating my room

unfortunately now its 9pm and everything is dark blue


A transparent Runespan nebula for your blog.

(Source: runescape.wikia.com)